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Chapter 3. The Golden Times

After reading the reports, my mother had contacted my uncle immediately and we booked an urgent appointment with nephrologist and urologist. They were shocked to read the revelations of the report. Finally, they asked me to undergo kidney biopsy (in simpler words, a surgical procedure wherein a small piece is taken out from a kidney and examined for changes in the structures at a microscopical level) to diagnose the disease. We finalized the date and time of the surgery before leaving. While leaving, my uncle asked us to repeat the urine test to reconfirm the findings of the report which the pathology lab near to our residence had provided earlier. I gave a urine sample and we left the hospital. While we were discussing with family and preparing ourselves for the upcoming biopsy, my uncle called up my mother the next day. And what he told was surprising and a bit confusing! Reports of the test I did a day before were received and they showed minute/very less number of RBCs in my urine sample. We were happy for a moment and confused in another. We were not able to understand which report should we depend upon. Finally, my parents visited the pathology lab where we did the tests previously and discussed this issue. And what they told us was another shockwave! Reports provided by the pathology lab were erroneous as their samples were accidentally exchanged. This left my parents and family furious at them due to their carelessness/mistake. After knowing this, the kidney biopsy was cancelled and they just asked to repeat tests after a few days. After 2-3 investigations we were convinced of the fact that tonsillectomy (viz. removal of tonsils) had worked and my condition had improved. We felt relieved and thanked my uncle and doctors at Hinduja hospital.

As doctors had told us, the removal of tonsils showed a positive effect on my appetite, weight, height and overall growth in late childhood and early adulthood (I will share scientific information supporting this fact through further blogs). Apart from sound health, these years were fulfilling with academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular achievements. I had successfully completed earlier milestones of my education before stepping into an undergraduate degree in pharmaceutical sciences at the Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai. I enjoyed 4 years of my undergraduate studies, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and more importantly made wonderful and supportive friends during this time. There were minor health complaints like viral infections that I suffered from during these days. But there was nothing substantial that had occurred to me till I finished my undergraduate studies. Slowly, things had started taking a downturn, with respect to health, after I graduated with B.Pharm. (Bachelor of Pharmacy). The primary indicator of the health issues was repeated and severe eye infections that gave me intolerable pain and left me feel helpless and numb.


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