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Chapter 1. The Beginning

16th October 2016...this was exactly the date when this happy picture (1st picture) of mine was captured. I had attended an engagement ceremony of my dear friend. I was very happy going to the places I want, eating everything I wish and doing my PhD research (which I had barely started) without any physical limitations. I had a few plans for myself in the years to come. But less did I know what the destiny was going to unfold before me! Soon after that, I started suffering from severe pain in my feet. Initially I neglected and continued with my daily routine. But gradually it started becoming unbearable. Meanwhile, we had a vacation for Diwali and I went home for a few days. The pain continued there, too. We checked for Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D content in my blood. I had a deficit for both the vitamins owing to my vegetarian food habits. I started taking intramuscular shots for the vitamin B12 and began oral intake of Vitamin D granules and tablets. Meanwhile, I had also consulted an orthopedic clinician who suggested that I may have myopathy (in simple words, muscle weakness) and I should do a complete set of blood and urine tests. I did the tests and waited patiently for the reports. As far as I remember, I was doing complete health checkup after a long time, may be a few years or so. I got the reports next day and there were two results that were surprising and shocking. They took me many years back when I had a toddler-level severity of that health issue and now it had grown up and had emerged into an adult-version (again, in the terms of severity). It was ready to take physical, mental and emotional toll of me in the years to come.

Do you know what it was?

My urine routine reports had shown the presence of proteins and Red blood cells (RBCs) in the highest +++ (3+) levels (these levels give an indication of their content in the urine). (Kindly use slide button to have a look at the report shown in the 2nd picture)


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