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Chapter 4. Agony

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

I had finished my undergraduate studies in May 2013 and had secured first rank in B.Pharm. After a considerable struggle, I re-joined ICT, Mumbai as an Integrated PhD student. I had obtained much coveted 'Inspire' fellowship from the Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India. Finally, I was a part of the research lab headed by Dr. Prajakta Dandekar and Dr. Ratnesh Jain, that I had always dreamt of working in during my undergrad years. I had  wonderful labmates on whom I could depend on for anything and everything. My postgraduate coursework had just began when I suddenly started suffering from mild to moderate eye infections, specifically occurring due to the viruses. It used to happen frequently every 3-4 months, and even during the examinations. Typical time of recovery used to be a week or two. These infections typically affected my right eye each time. I started with the treatment in one of the hospitals in Matunga (Mumbai) and later consulted an ophthalmologist from Hinduja Hospital. 

The first severe episode occurred in April 2015 due to bacterial infection, yet again in the right eye. Thankfully with the help of my labmates (Akhil, Saurabh, Manasi, Tejal, Payal, etc.) I could manage 4-5 days in the hostel with an unbearable pain in the eye. After a few consultations with the doctor where my mom and labmates had accompanied me, Manasi suggested whether I could shift to her house in Chembur (Mumbai) for a few days till the infection subsides as it was getting difficult to manage in the hostel. I am and will always be thankful to her for being so considerate and affectionate to let me stay at her place till the condition was completely cured. Her mother welcomed me with love and affection. She used to cook delicious food for me, took care of my medications and came along with me to Hinduja Hospital for consultations. I still remember our day-long conversations where we shared everything about our lives. Through this, we developed a wonderful mother-son bond which I shall cherish for my entire life. I cannot thank her enough for what she did for me during those tough times.  After a month's stay at Chembur, eye infection had finally cured and I came back to the hostel. I finished my exams for the postgraduate course and was gearing up towards deciding upon my research project. Suddenly, in the first week of June 2015, another severe episode of eye infection happened, leaving me back in an excruciating pain.


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