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It’s when we start working together that the real healing takes place!

 ― David Hume
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Hi, I’m Manish

An amateur and a budding blogger. One who is passionate as well as compassionate!

I'm friendly and kind to people I meet. I'm focused and sincere at everything I do! I got to know about my partly genetic partly idiopathic kidney disease during one of the toughest junctures of my life. It struck me during the initial years of my PhD research. After managing the difficult-to-handle 2-3 years after the diagnosis, I am finally trying to learn to sail through the difficult tides that life has unfolded before me. I wish to go beyond the concept of self-healing from an individual to community level by raising an awareness and support for what I and others like me are going through. With this, we shall achieve community healing.

'Doting Beans' is a voluntary support and awareness blog created by me to help the patients (including me) suffering from kidney diseases. Through this blog, I will be sharing my personal experiences and also strive to make everyone aware about the clinical and scientific aspects of the kidney disease.

I look forward to your voluntary support and love to the blog as well as towards the welfare of kidney patients.

After all, it's all about caring for OUR own people.


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